Dales-Fans is a group of like minded people who are all owners and/or fans of the wonderful Dales Pony. Some of us have several ponies - working hard to improve the breed through breeding, some of us own just one or two ponies enjoying their wonderful spirit and can do attitude, other don't own any Dales Ponies, but still value the wonderful nature of Dales and want to continue our support for the breed.

There are three key aims of Dales-Fans:

The Dales Pony is an extremely versatile, hardy pony. With its excellent weight carrying ability and the skill to turn its hardy hoof to anything the Dales Pony makes an excellent family pony. It used to be said of the Dales Pony that it should plough the land Monday to Friday, take the father hunting on the Saturday and pull the family trap to church on Sunday! This versatility has been carried on into the modern breed.

On this site you will be able to find lots of information on the Dales Pony. On the members pages you can find wonderful examples of the Dales Pony breed and the wide range of activities it can take part in. In the shop you can buy some lovely Dales-Fans merchandise. Most importantly you can join the wonderful supportive community by visiting the discussion board. I do hope you like the site - any questions, please contact the webmaster.